Zone Mortalis Tournament

You may remember a while ago, that I ran 30k tournament for the rest of the team complete with trophies, the winner received the Glorious Golden Warbarstard.

The Glorious Warbastard Winner’s Trophy

(Well done Dunk)

And the loser was presented with the Wooden Spoon of Shame, AKA the Sad Trumpet (Wha-wha-whaaaaaaa!)

(Better luck next time Mr Fox)

This is something that we had intended to be a regular feature of our gaming calendar, but as with many of the best laid plans, it hasn’t worked out that way for many reasons, primarily among which is the fact that the WBs are a flighty bunch who are easily distracted by shiny things.

Anyway, the discussion at PWD HQ has once again turned to the prospect of a second 30k tournament, everyone was much excited about the prospect of trying a new army or escalating their existing one, but as ever, getting everyone together for a longer term project is about as easy as herding a field full of cats. So, the plan is to take the army size up to 2,500pts for a classic Round Robin tournament next year sometime, and in the meantime, embark on a smaller competition using the Zone Mortalis ruleset. Zone Mortalis games are nice and quick with minimal table space being required, we can run two games side by side on our 8-by-4 tables, so getting four games done in an evening is totally achievable and with the ZM-style board sections in the new Necromunda box coming this month, scenery will not be an issue.

The Plan

Zone Mortalis has an Attacker/Defender mechanic, so everyone will need to make two 1,000pt lists for their army, one themed for attack, and one for defense. Rather than having rounds that specific players need to face off in, everyone just needs to play everyone else twice, once as the attacker, and once as the defender. Players will receive 1pt for a loss, 2pts for a draw and 3pts for a win, and in the event of a draw, highest total victory points over the tournament wins. Simples.

So that’s the planning side of things done, I just need to decide what to take in my lists. I’ll let you know what I decide.

Bye for now,