A Year In Hobby Perspective

The end of another year fast approaches and as is tradition let me spout out some cliches; ‘time flew by’, ‘it goes quicker every year’, ‘where has the time gone?’. Feel better? Good.
Now that’s out the way, I like to start to think about what the new year will hold in terms of hobby goodness and look back on this year just gone. You know how TV shows do those shows made up of clips at the end of the year? This is the literary equivalent of that – click the links of our other content! Shut up, it’t not lazy.

My Year In Retrospective

The Finished Scheme

The Finished Scheme

This one has been a pretty good hobby year, I hit my stride with painting – my Iron hands actually got some paint (after 10 years) I can even comfortably field a painted force in most common game sizes now. – even my Word Bearers got started – I wrote a painting guide and everything! Of course I’ve since lost my painting my momentum, but I’ve managed to keep up with the assembly.

I’ve attended both Forgeworld Open Day & Gamesday, both of which were great successes. GD more because I happened to be in the right place at the right time and avoid the horrific debacle the queue became when the payment terminals ground to a halt. I’d already got my resin model fix and was sat in the stands happily leafing through my shiny new HH book and enjoying the suffering of my hobby brethren far below.

So what didn’t go so well, our hobby fails? Well everything went according to plan, the only real setback was not keeping my pace up with painting. I also neglected my plogs 🙁

Resolutions for 2014

Those are mine but what about my hobby/hetrosexual life partner and fellow contributor James I hear you ask, well wait no longer:

999681_354113621357877_707602624_nJames’ Highlights

  • Building a Death Guard force big enough to offend the gods.
  • Putting together two storm eagles without embedding them in a wall.

James’ Hobby Fails

Spraying the Death Guard (click the link for the whole story) when it was humid and turning them into a pile of mush.

And in the New Year?

To spend every spare penny I’ve got on models, whiskey and fried chicken. To ignore my significant other and spend more time painting. – James

What about Mr Boddy?

Dave’s Hobby Success

  • Getting 2500pts of Iron Talons painted, and producing all their fluff, leading to several copy-cat plogs starting up on Warseer. Second army over 1500pts fully done that I own now.
  • First semi-professional writing gig with Mantic (even if it hasn’t actually launched yet)
  • Finally getting round to converting a BB team out of the Dark Eldar plastics – wanted to do that since they were released.
  • My I28 warband – probably one of the best collections of models I’ve done.
  • ADB, single handedly doing his damnedest to rescue the HH series and BL in general
  • Pariah. Just perfect.

Dave’s Fails of 2013

  • The decline in quality of the HH novels.
  • 30k gaming and my lack of excitement/interest
  • GW’s reliance on big monsters/multiple character kits for new 8th ed armies – despite claiming 8th was going to be all about big blocks of core.
  • GW effectively pricing me out of starting armies from scratch and WD’s slide back into poor quality after a decent restart.
  • Lizardmen. No matter what GW do, lizard people will always look silly.
  • Graham McNeill

Dave’s Next Year

  • High House of Chains up to 5000pts by the summer
  • At least 1k of Eldar by the end of the year.
  • Another themed I28 warband
  • Getting at least one more piece of writing published.

So hobby brethren? What are your plans for the New Year? Let us know in the comments!


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