Wordbearers Showcase: The first squad & musings on painting armies.

Today is a happy day, today is where I’ve reached the first milestone with my Word Bearers; the first complete squad.

The problem I always find with painting is all in the starting. My favorite part of the hobby is in the building and converting. I love getting an idea for an army, be that idea a fluff based one or something based more on aesthetics, then seeing it through to a model that encapsulates that theme.

This love of converting coupled with my own fairly substantial dose of ‘hobby magpie‘ means I have a lot (LOT) of half finished projects that have been shelved in favor of the next extensive conversion trying to capture a vision.

I find once I get started painting, I gradually gain momentum and rekindle my love for it. Starting with my Iron Hands who are now all but painted (heresy contingent aside – hobby magpie again…) I’ve slowly started churning out units of painted models. I think I am averaging a unit every fortnight at the moment, quite the feat considering I’d gone for over a year without painting prior to that.

Anyway, you’re probably here to see some Word Bearers, and how am I to stand in your way?! These were all painted as per the guide I posted here: Word Bearer Painting Guide

Word Bearer Squad

The Full Squad

Close Up of Right

Close Up of Right

Close Up of Left

Close Up of Left


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