Word Bearers: Painting Guide

Word Bearers! As I’ve mentioned in the past, I used to have an army of them way back when. Around 3rd edition. I’d painted almost all of them, but eventually decided to sell them all.

But alas, then Dark Vengeance came out, and the chosen models were too nice to pass up. That coupled with the new cultists meaning I could make a proper Word Bearer army, with waves of cultists.

So, I’ve had the army assembled for some time now, and I’ve chosen the paint scheme; here is how it breaks down:

Step 1: DoomBull Brown

Word Bearer Painting Guide

Doombull brown wet brushed over a black basecoat. Don’t worry too much about this, it doesn’t need to be super even, just get some coverage all over.

Step 2: Khorne Red


Wet brush this over the top of the the Doombull Brown, this adds a deeper colour to the model. At this stage I needed to bring the reds together and darken the colour a little.

Step 3: Baal Red Wash


This brings the reds together and makes a much richer and darker colour.

Step 4: Silver Edging


Simple Boltgun Metal on the edging. I also highlighted the areas where the armour is mutating with a mix of Khorne Red and Daneb Stone.

Step 5: Final Details and Wash


Finish it up with a heavy wash of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade. Then finish up any other details such as eyes, holsters etc. This is also the stage to add any extreme edge highlights with the Khorne Red/Daneb Stone mix.


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