When does your collection become an obsession?

My fiancé and I argued this weekend. It happens every now and then and as all those out there with other halves know, nothing is sacred during a row. My ‘obsession’ with models was a round of ammunition in her argument-cannon and I was having none of it.

‘A: It’s not an obsession. I can stop any time I want.  B: who are you to decide what I spend my money on?’

Well, after the tempers were cooled and all forgiven, I was left pondering my collection and thinking to myself: does she have a point?

A very small investment in Battle Fleet Gothic

I think we are all self-confessed hobby magpies. We flit from one project to the next and back again. Only last week did I shell out £180 on Battlefleet Gothic ships. This in itself isn’t unusual but consider, if you will, that our gaming group is currently enjoying Blood Bowl and you start to see the issue. My hobby-lust cannot be hemmed in by playing a specific game. When we’re playing Fantasy, I’m busy buying more Pre-Heresy Death Guard. When we’re focussing on I28, I’m increasing my Chaos Dwarf horde. There was a time where I had a colour coordinated spread sheet showing the purchases I wanted to make most desperately.

Looking at it from this angle – I am starting to feel my original statement might be false. I am obsessed. You only need to look at the shelves studded with miniatures, the cupboard over-flowing with bits and sprue and my eBay search history to see my obsession.

So why do I claim I am not obsessed? Well, there is a stigma that follows obsession. Obsession is something to be conquered and overcome. I live happily in the knowledge that there may never be an end to my model purchasing days. But it’s more than that, there was an article in the Telegraph recently claiming that my hobby, something that has made me friends, got me girls and allowed me to be creative and constructive is akin to rape-porn. It’s not something that we should be obsessed with apparently; it’s not high-cultured to have an interest in art, history and literature inspired by a table-top war-game.

What am I trying to say, dear reader? I am trying to say, that when your partner, mother, friends and society throw your love for something in your face as if it were a dirty secret to hide: be obsessed. Be proud that you care enough about something and enjoy it enough to be obsessed by it. Next time Kim and I argue – I won’t deny my obsession, that’s for sure.
 So over to you ladies and gents, have anything to chime in with? Any run ins with partners or parents? Ever despaired for your hobby magpie ways?

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