What’s next for Paint Water Diaries?

Well Dear Internet, it seems like just yesterday I was sat at my desk surrounded by models and part completed projects, saying how real life had gotten a little crazy and we’re sorry we couldn’t post as much. Well here I am again – surrounded by part completed projects and saying how I am sorry we haven’t posted as much…


I’d normally promise that’s going to change, but well I’ve done that before and we always end up back here after a few weeks of not posting… Alas, I shall make the effort to post more! As Robin alluded to in his post Heresy Challenge roundup the group has had some personal ‘stuff’ go down which knocked us all a little so we’ve meandered hobby-wise. Combine that with a few hacking attempts on the site and we just couldn’t find the motivation to get things rolling again. ┬áSo we’re back, and I shall be making more of an effort to post on a regular basis. Truth be told PWD has always struggled with what it’s trying to be, when the idea was conceived we wanted to be the next BoLS but without the spammy clickbait (HERESY BOXED SET NEWS UPDATE! – the same heresy boxed set rumours posted for the umpteenth time), but realistically now we’re all professionals with ‘real’ jobs and just don’t have the time to be speculating what ‘top 10 unit hints were spotted in the latest grainy white dwarf picture’ – if you want that BoLS has got you more than covered. So what is PWD?


Well lets face it I’ve just said it, we’re a group of now hoary old gamers, who love the Warhammer universes but also live real lives with all the stresses and responsibilities that brings. Something I hope you can all relate to. So I think it’s time we focused less on trying to be a news site, and more on what BoLS frankly lacks – long form quality content and hobby focused articles – something which is really what we wanted at the start. Remember when you went on BoLS because they posted a cool conversion, or had a fan codex? That’s what I want PWD to be.

We will still post the occasional How to, I’ll still keep you up to date with the commissions Jason is working on (and take any more you might want to pass our way), but the blog will be focused on whatever projects we happen to be working on, or rather whichever project the hobby magpie has pecked us with…

Which hot on the heels of the Heresy Challenge (I’ll post up the 2k of painted heresy Iron Hands when I can), and hopefully a bit more successfully will be the multiple knight (20+) triumph and treachery inspired game we’re planning… with cards and everything.

TLDR: Less BoLS more Iron Sleet.