Well Well Well, GW has a new site.

Well look at that, after mere years of that out dated, hard to navigate (especially on a phone) site we finally have a new site.

First off let me qualify this whole article, by day I am a designer. I design lots of different things, but essentially what pays my bills is designing websites and web based software. So I may nerd out a little in this article and call out what on the surface seems petty, but with a company as big as GW, who do so much business online they really have no excuse to not get it right. And shut up I know what I am talking about.

All that being said, caveats apply. It’s easy to criticise from outside the project. These kind of things always start off with the best of intentions, but then the Head of Packaging asks his wife’s nephew. Who takes a few computer classes at school and he thinks that ‘whenever someone clicks a button it should flip and show Bilbo Baggins with his thumbs up’ or whatever and stupid ideas start to creep in.

The Launch

That took two days. Which itself is pretty bad, handled properly it could have been kept to a few hours cross over or avoided for most customers all together. The site is still a little buggy too, with me getting this error on the first thing I clicked.


Mobile Friendly

Sort of. The old site was a giant pain in the ass to navigate using a phone, and this at least makes it usable without pinch-zoom, pinch-zoom, click… oh shit that wasn’t what I wanted, back, pinch-zoom, clicking all over.

That being said though, imagine you’re after Typhus. This is the path you have to take:

  • – Click Warhammer 40k
  • – Click Armies
  • – Click Chaos

Now you’re just dumped on a giant list of 96 products, ok how do I find the bloated burgle lover? I could click through the 6+ pages until I find him. Oh no wait there is a refine search button, cool I’ll go in there, click HQ and that’ll just show me all the Chaos HQ right?

Nope. It just dumps you on a big list of ALL the HQ in 40k. Good job GW. Ok it’s miles better, but still not great.

Good news! This seems to be fixed now!

Overall Design

Not bad. A lot of white space, good photography easy to get around on a pc. Happy days.

GW rely a lot on sliders, which aren’t great. The logic for them is flawed, here is the most important part of our page we’ll put the most important products here… and then make them disappear and be replaced every few seconds. But at least they’ve done their bit to make it easy to navigate back and forth. Extra points for trying.

Supporting Articles

FAQs and other hobby articles seem to have disappeared, for shame GW. Here’s hoping they turn up!

So what do all of you interneters think of this new site? Comments below please.


By day a mild mannered Web Designer from Swindon, by night a horder and shaper of bits in his mad kit bash laboratory.