In Which We Visit GamesDay 2013

Today, we went to GamesDay. Normally this is a day of trepidation, yeah we get to see all the cool new stuff but on the other hand we have to stand shoulder to shoulder with those guys. You all know the guys, you’ve all been to a GW or gaming store, those guys. The guys with the black tshirt featuring 3 wolves howling at the moon, the greasy pony tail and that… that SMELL.

This year was a pleasant surprise! Rather than the usual scrum that passes for the Forgeworld sales stand we actually had a well thought out and organised system where payment was separated from pre orders and from picking. We were a little on the lucky side as it seemed later in the day the lines began to get backed up due to the payment systems (Ipad and linked scanners, printers etc). But technical hitches aside the system works!

Anyway, look at the Forgeworld goodness we saw:


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