Victoria Miniatures – A Review & Forecast

What I love about this hobby is the variety. Over the years more and more independent sculptors have been coming out of the woodwork and offering up their own takes on the grim-dark world of Warhammer 40k.

When I was a naive and innocent twenty-something, (instead of a bitter and twisted almost-thirty) I had a large Mordian Iron Guard army. I loved them; but ladies will have their trinkets and bills must be paid. They went the way of eBay and I was sad to see them go. Recently, I have been stuck in an inspiration rut. I talked to my good friend Martin about where I should go with my next army. He said I should rehash my artillery company.

By jingo – the man had it.

I would restart my Mordian Iron Guard. I dug out the DKK army list and started planning how many pie-plates I could dish out a turn. With twelve heavy mortars and three stationary Medusa siege cannons I would be dishing out a whopping 15 pie plates. I was excited. I started ordering the artillery pieces from Forgeworld, but then it hit me – where do I get the Mordian’s from?

Well – I scouted the internet and this is where I came across Victoria Miniatures. The Tannenberg Fusiliers are not Mordians, but damn they are close. I hit Victoria Miniatures online store like a fat kid hits a box of Krispy Kremes (with excitement, unrelenting force and clarity of vision). Here I discovered not only the wonderful Tannenburg Fusiliers, but an entire range of miniatures that would let you create new and interesting Imperial Guard regiments.

The site is simple to navigate and very aesthetically pleasing. My favourite aspect of the site is that it breaks units down into their constituent parts as well as offering bundle deals. Take the Tannenburg Fusiliers for example. You can purchase a squad of ten with lots of additional gubbins for $45.00 or you can order some torsos, lasguns, heads etc. individually at very reasonable costs.

So – back to the army I had in mind.

I looked at the miniatures and compared them to my mental vision of the new army. This is what I wanted:

I wanted a regimented feel to my army. I wanted them to look like a battle line – neat, orderly and uniform. I didn’t even hesitate. I ordered enough parts to make five standing and five kneeling Guardsmen.

The postage was free and very quick.

The models arrived in perfect condition from Australia and I put them together the same day. Now, this was my first moment of disappointment. It wasn’t the miniatures fault – it was mine. I hadn’t considered the fact that Victoria had created this unit as a skirmish unit. No matter how I tried to fit them together, they were not going to look uniform.

I sunk forlornly to the ground. My vision of a regimented army would not be. My gaming group consoled me; they even encouraged me to convert the models to match but it would have been a nightmare. I brooded over the fact for a couple of days. By this time my first heavy mortar had arrived and I unboxed it close to tears.  Then it hit me – why don’t I just ask? I started thinking: It wouldn’t be a lot of work to create a set of regimented arms and legs and the mainstay of the kit is already sculpted… The work would be minimal and I really see it being something other people would like. So, I asked if it was something she would consider.

This was Victoria’s response:

Hi James,

Thanks for your thoughtful letter. I don’t need much persuading as the firing line units you are asking for are already on my list (great minds think alike). I want to do them for the Tannenburgers and the Victorians. I think it would look great with these units.  

As you suggested, I’m thinking it would be 5 guys standing, including sergeant and 5 Guys kneeling. I would not expect to get these units out until next year, as I have a lot of other projects to finish in the next couple of months, if I don’t get those female guard released soon I could have an angry mob after me!

I also have some digital weaponry coming. And will be delving into heavy weapon batteries, starting with a mortar. These will be in ww1 / dieselpunk style with big iron wheels etc. 

Appreciate your suggestions,

Thanks, V

I was shocked to receive such a curt, open and pleasant reply and this is why I am hoping to support more independent sculptors in the future. Victoria is making an amazing line of miniatures and she is clearly a lovely person, working on something she loves. She didn’t have to take time out of her day to reply to my inquiry, but she did. For that reason and the reasons above, I can’t recommend the site, its miniatures and the person creating all this amazing stuff highly enough.

God speed, Victoria Miniatures, God speed.