We built this city! We built this city on KITS AND BITS!

Hello dear reader. I thought I’d let you in on a part of my hobby that I have not shared with you yet. I love making buildings. I’m sure in your gaming group- as well as mine- there are lots of different interests and lots of different talents. I could be considered a carpenter. Sawing and hacking bits together to knock out buildings and kits.

So what are you going to see in these posts over the coming days? Well my WIP Empire city. The inspiration for this board was two fold:

1. A trip to Warhammer World- seeing one of their tables inspired me to fool around with the GW building kits

2. A friend of mine has been working on an Empire army and using wall paper to base the models. I decided to try it out on an entire table.

So without further adieu- I give to you the city of Boggenhoff.

Today we are going to look at the cities Chapel. I wanted the Chapel to be the central point of the board and used four of the Games Workshop Chapels to create the base.

What you will need:

8 x Chapel walls

3 x Chapel end sections

1 x Chapel door

4 x Chapel roofs

2 x Sheet of A4 platicard

Balsa wood rods

Saw, clippers, superglue

Step one

Take 8 Chapel walls, 3 Chapel end pieces and one Chapel door. Cut four balsa wood rods to length. Arrange them like so:



Step two:

Measure the height and width of the gap between the four balsa wood rods. Then mark this are out four times on thin plasticard. If you have measured and drawn correctly you should be able to slot your plasticard into the openings with no issue. Glue them into place with super glue.

Chapel 1


Step Three:

Add two of the roofs to the Chapels. Sit them as flush against the central tower as possible. You can leave the end that sits flush with the tower open.

Chapel 1.1


Step Four:

Assemble and slide on the next two roof pieces. They will not sit flush with the tower as the first two roofs will be in the way. Use a set of clippers or a saw to carve out a triangular piece from the end of each of the two roofs you are putting on now. This will allow them to sit flush with the tower and over lap the original two roofs.

Chapel 3


Step Five:

Seal off the top of the chapel using either plasticard or some other dense plastic (I used a GW movement tray cut to size). I then built up a small platform on top of the sealed off tower. You can do this with what ever you have to hand, again I used a GW movement tray that I cut out and folded into a small box. Then it’s decoration time. Add a bell tower (garden of Mor mausoleum) if you like, clocks, Empire heraldry – what ever.

Chapel 4



Cut out small tiles from your remaining plasticard and use them to fill in any of the gaps.

Chapel 5



There you have it. A monster of a Chapel that will be the centre piece of any Empire themed board. Next time we will be looking at how I built a ship inn. That’s right- A BOAT PUB.

But for now reader- enjoy your Monday morning.

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