Thallax Unboxing


Thallax ‘In Bag’

So at the Forge World Open Day after an inordinate amount of time spent queueing, I managed to grab a pack of the new Thallax. I’d been looking forward to these since I first saw the entry in the Horus Heresy: Betrayal book, and I have to say the models don’t disappoint.

Can’t fault the kit really, the casts were perfect, which for a first run is pretty impressive. I’ve had forgeworld models that when they’re ‘new’ come with a whole mess of flash. These were great. Only very, very minimal cleanup needed.

So what’s in the kit? The short answer is 3 awesome cyborg dudes. In terms of additional bits however, there aren’t any. You get enough bits to build the 3 guys in fairly strict poses.


The bits all laid out. Click to Expand

So, it’s a nice kit. But I can’t help feeling it could have been that little bit cooler. Hopefully as the Thallax entry has some more options in the army list we can expect a few more kits, even if they’re just some weapon swaps. Another thing, the kit is pretty modular, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we get a selection of different options for legs, arms, heads even… here’s hoping.


Near complete


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