Terrain Building: Novastadt Prospect

When Games Workshop first released the plastic 40k city scenery we went nuts for it, we bought a few boxes and it has served us faithfully since, some 6/7 years later.

However after more than 3 house moves, multiple gaming venue relocations and being jammed in the loft for a time, the buildings were ruins in more than just the gaming sense. They’d started to come apart where the glue had aged and become brittle as well as all the being-shoved-in-a-van treatment it got.

So this is what we had: This big ol’ box is stuffed full with plastic terrain goodness.

Myself and my glamorous assistant James, set about smashing our collection of bits to pieces. With the addition of the best part of an imperial sector procured from ebay and a sky shield landing pad we had amassed quite the pile of terrain components.

Built to Last

Part of what bought the last glorious city crumbling to ruins was the fact we never bother to base the buildings. Our group lavishes attention on fluff and armies, but to the detriment of our terrain. This was an opportunity to change.

We decided to base the city on cork tiles, these were light weight, easy to cut and ultimately cheap. They come in approximate 1ft x 1ft squares which made them ideal for basic buildings that are by the very nature of the kits pretty much square.

We’ve since discovered this isn’t the best way to mount them, the cork tiles we used are actually a little too flexible. I’d recommend hardboard or thin MDF

Our Pile of Stuff

  • Polyfilla
  • Balsa Wood
  • Kits

An afternoon of Assembly Later

2014-01-02 17.20.44We have this motley concoction of buildings. We built them more or less at random by just grabbing handfuls of the bits and going to town. A few things we tried to bare in mind:

  • Clearly define the footprint of the building – this means there is no room for doubt when a model is in cover or not, if they’re passed the threshold they’re in and as such can claim a cover save.
  • Build some intact buildings – not everything in the 41st millennium has been bombed to hell and back, we wanted to include a few buildings that were whole.
  • Make it look like it’s a war zone – craters, make shift barricades, hastily constructed ladders, blocked doors. Urban warfare is notoriously gruelling and as such the buildings would have been occupied for days at a time in some cases.

2014-01-08 18.40.46

Now what?

Well these are of course not finished, but they’re good enough to game on for the time being.

In the coming weeks/months I’ll demonstrate how we make craters and ultimately paint the buildings – I’ve got an airbrush coming and this project looks like it will be an ideal testing group for me to get the hang of it before I unleash it on some poor unfortunate squads.

Until next time ‘the internet’. Toodles.


By day a mild mannered Web Designer from Swindon, by night a horder and shaper of bits in his mad kit bash laboratory.

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