Tales of Hobby Fails

So we’ve all been there, minding our own business and enjoying some hobby time we have when something strikes. Through stupidity, fate, clumsiness or in some cases… drunkenness, the universe conspires to give a hearty dose of disappointment.

These are tales from the front line of the hobby, to protect the identities (and egos) of these tragic victims we’ve hidden their names. Serious business.

Marvel as these miniatures spontaneously disassemble

This story begins with the purchase of a pot of GW Plastic Glue and ends with every plastic miniature assembled over a 6+ month period being a ticking time bomb of disassembly. This batch of cursed glue has affected at least two of the Warbastards and still occasionally rears its ugly head in the form of a regiment reduced to pieces, usually at a critical turning point in the battle.

This culminated in a particularly unsuccessful charge that saw a unit of converted chaos knights channel tzeentch in a very real way and change into a pile of bits.

The fabulous tale of the spray on fuzz

A pre-heresy army, a thing of beauty and no small expense, finally assembled after hours of work. Arrayed, marvelled at and then undercoated using GW White primer.

Fast forward 30 minutes to an army of pre-heresy marines covered in a white gritty fuzz and the sound of a hobbyists heart breaking.

Suicidal Bretonians

A gallant host of knights assembled and prepared for primer. Left over night atop a stack of figure cases. What could go wrong? You’ve guess it, gravity!

Lance formations became piles of smashed miniatures and a hobbyist’s love for fantasy battle died for a number of editions.

Dodgy DIY the bane of Astartes everywhere

It seems gravity doesn’t only affect the armies of Fantasy battle, it seems even the mighty space wolves can’t fight that most evil of foes.

A young hobbyist, a father half assing a DIY job, an army smashed beneath a wooden shelf.

I know I’ll just take a nap in this bush

Everyone enjoys a relaxing beer or two right? Maybe after a riveting session of Inquisitor? That could be tiring though, don’t worry just take a nap in a bush! What’s the worst that could happen?

Well I’ll tell you, you could wake up without that lovingly converted Inquisitor war band.

Delicious Delaques

The family dog – a trusted and loyal friend. Or so you thought.

This young hobbyist finds his prized Necromunda gang savaged by the former friend turned beast, and to add insult to injury, the Heavy weapon eaten.

Perhaps through guilt, perhaps minor lead poisoning the weapon was returned. Too bad Dog-Puke Pauley couldn’t shoot straight after that…

So there is a smattering of the fails that have befallen some of out hobby brethren, what can we take from this? Don’t buy GW glue for one! Got any stories to share? It’s ok, we’re all equal in our stupidity here…


By day a mild mannered Web Designer from Swindon, by night a horder and shaper of bits in his mad kit bash laboratory.

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