Tale of Many Painters – PWD edition

…Or as we’re calling it (but not in the title, because google might get mad) ‘A Tale of Many Bastards’.

No doubt you’re all familiar with the concept of ‘A Tale of X Painters’ where a group of hobbyists all work towards a common goal. I’ve done something similar last year with my Painting Oaths – but this time some of the other warbastards are getting involved.

So what’s kicked all this off?

A close friend and Auxiliary-Bastard is in her Majesty’s Royal Air Force and is getting posted away from home, we’re all going to give him one last hurrah with a big gaming send off at Firestorm Games. Or at least we were, but he can’t make it now. But we’re still going anyway!

In honour of such a prestigious occasion we’ve all decided to make an extra effort and play with fully painted armies for a change, and use this as a catalyst to finally make a dent in our massive collection of unpainted plastic and resin.

The Challenge


Is simple, 2000 points of Horus Heresy. Fully painted, by September 12th – when we shall descend on Cardiff and enjoy some games, with fully painted armies, on fully painted tables.

We’ve got the following participants:

  • Myself, with my Iron Hands
  • Dave, with his Blood Angels
  • Robin, with his Iron Warriors
  • Paul, with his Nightlords (or maybe 1000 sons)
  • Jason, with his Emperor’s Children
  • Duncan, with his World Eaters (although he’s not coming to game)
  • Maybe James, with his Death Guard, but he’s lazier than all of us combined.

So there we have it. Glory to the winners. Shame and scorn to the losers (James). We’ll each be posting articles to outline our forces and show off what we’ve already got painted, what’s left to go, and generally make excuses for how little painting we’ve done!


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