Strokes of Genius: Tactical Game Tables

So, innuendo laden title aside, this follows on from the special Tyranid game we here in the Warbasterds played a week or so ago. During that game, each side had a “Desperate Measure” table that could be rolled on at any time with random effects. As an idea, it went down so well that I started thinking about expanding it to the other armies fielded by the gents. The result was the following:

Tactical Genius Tables – Each player gets one roll per game on the table applicable to their army. The roll can be made at any time, including during the opposing players turn.

Adeptus Astartes
  • 1-2: Rapid Redployment – Pushing their gene-hanced bodies to the limit, Astartes are capable of feats of stamina that seem legendary – one unit of Astartes may run and shoot in the same phase, controlling player may decide which order this is done in.
  • 3-4: Fury of the Astartes – Few can stand in the face of the withering gales of bolter-fire unleashed by the Astartes – one unit of Astartes infantry may shoot twice in the same phase with any bolter only. This second round of shooting must be at the same target and the unit cannot move in the movement phase. In the following turn, any bolter armed Astartes may not fire his bolter as he reloads.
  • 5-6: Death will not take me yet – Even the most grievous wounds will not stop an Astartes whose duty is not yet done – one Astartes Dreadnought or infantry model (including sgts and characters) previously killed or destroyed returns to live with 1 wound or Hull Point remaining. Place the resurrected model at the exact spot it died – it may then move/shoot/assault as normal. Any victory points earned for its original death are kept but cannot be earned again.
Imperial Guard
  • 1-2: Do you want to live forever? – Inspired by a rousing speech, or a round of combat-stimms, the moral of the Guard is unassailable – one infantry unit becomes fearless for this turn
  • 3-4: Incoming! – Constant bombardment is a hallmark of the Imperial Guards tactics – resolve one Earthshaker cannon shot at a target of your choice, rolling for scatter as normal but not deducting any BS from the scatter roll. The target must be in line of sight of an Imperial Guard unit.
  • 5-6: Touched by the Throne – Occasionally, even the most regular of Guardsmen can become a hero of the Imperium – one individual infantry model gains Marine Captain stats for the rest of the turn. Any weapon (combat or shooting) used by the chosen model counts as ap1.
Word Bearers

Word Bearers

Chaos Marines
  • 1-2: Dark Tides – The power of the warp waxes full, granting your every desire – one appropriate character immediately gains a roll on the Boon table
  • 3-4: A Lifetime of War – Honed by the Long War, these Traitor Astartes are consummate killers – one unit may reroll all shooting misses and any wound rolls of 1, or all assault misses and any wound rolls of 1 for this turn only
  • 5-6: Blasphemous Speech – The warp whispers in mortal minds, driving the weak-willed to madness – one enemy unit must take an immediate LD check at -3LD as per the morale check rule. No other modifiers or bonuses apply to this role, just -3 to the units standard LD.
  • 1-2: Experimental Targeting Systems – The technological advancements of the Earth caste are best tested on the battlefield – one friendly unit can reroll all shooting misses this turn.
  • 3-4: Drone Strike – A retrofitted Remora drone carrying a pulse bomb generator sweeps over the battlefield unopposed – one enemy unit is hit by d3 bombs from the pulse generator. Roll for scatter as normal.
  • 5-6: Farsight shows us the way! – The renegade Farsight is a divisive topic amongst the Tau, but there are some who follow his teachings amongst the purer Septs – one character or squad leader gains +2ws, +2A and +2Int for one assault phase only and its attacks count as rending. However, no other model may use the chosen models leadership for the rest of the game.
  • 1-2: Adrenaline Surge – Aggression and rage hormones flood the organisms systems, driving it to frenzied activity – one unit can run in the shooting phase and assault in the same turn.
  • 3-4: Hormone Marker – Pathogens and spores plaster the target, guiding the living ammunition to it – all living ammunition shots (fleshborers, devourers, barbed stranglers etc) can reroll failed hit and wound rolls against one specified enemy unit this turn.
  • 5-6: Jones is acting strangely – Hive Mind parasites have infected the enemy, controlling their brain-stems and their actions – choose one enemy infantry model (not a character) to be infected, The model in question is immediately under the control of the Tyranid player for that turn and may move, shoot and assault as normal. Once the Tyranid turn is over, the infected model is removed as a casualty as he/she/it is gunned down by it’s comrades


  • 1-2: Eye of the patron – A fell consciousness regards you, judging your actions in the name of the warp – one friendly units gains the following buff for the rest of this turn depending on its mark: Nurgle +1T Khorne +1A Tzeentch +1Ld Slaanesh +1Int
  • 3-4: Warp Touched – The raw stuff of the Warp itself enters the material plane, corrupting all it touches – choose one enemy unit and roll to wound each member of the unit individually, wounding on 4+. Armour and Invulnerable saves apply but no Feel No Pain or Cover saves can be taken. Any wounds suffered cause instant death.
  • 5-6: Breath Of Power – The nearness of the Warp unlocks hidden psychic potential in the enemy – choose one enemy infantry model (not a character). This model then casts a randomly selected psychic power from the discipline of your choice. No psychic test is needed and the power may target a friendly or enemy unit. Once resolved, remove the model in question as a casualty.
  • 1-2: Isha’s Protection – The love of Isha for her children protects them against even the strongest attack – one friendly units gains a 5+ invulnerable save for the rest of the turn
  • 3-4: Vengeance of the Ancients – The departed vengeful spirits of the Eldar dead crowd the battlefield, cursing the enemy to an early grave – one selected enemy unit has its armour save reduced by 1 for either this turns shooting phase or assault phase.
  • 5-6: Hand of Khaine – The fury of the Bloody-handed God fills his chosen champion, filling him with burning rage – choose one infantry model. For this turn, he may reroll all failed to hit and to wound rolls for shooting and assault. All assault attacks also have the Soulblaze rule. At the end of the turn, the chosen model must take a toughness test – if failed, he takes a wound, no armour or invulnerable saves allowed.
  • 1-2: Engage the secondary spirit – Multiple machine spirits have been bound to this servant, filling him with the strength of the Omnissiah – choose one friendly unit to receive +1 to its Feel No Pain save for this turn
  • 3-4: Curse of the Machine Spirit – Uttering the appropriate blessings and prayers, the Magos causes the spirits of the enemies weapons to rebel and turn on their wielders – choose one enemy unit. Each model takes an immediate hit from its own shooting weapon as ammunition spontaneously explodes. Resolve each hit at the shooting weapons strength and ap. All saves may be taken as usual. If targeting a vehicle, it immediately loses 1 Hull Point.
  • 5-6: Toll the Great Bell once – Initiating experimental protocols and implants, the chosen vessel finds itself augmented even further for a time – choose one friendly model. This model can increase its armour save, BS, WS, S or T by 2 for the rest of the turn. However, for the rest of the game, the chosen stat takes a permanent decrease of 1.

Please feel free to give them a try in your own games and let me know how you feel about them. If you want to make your own suggestions for the factions I’ve missed off, go for it ☺

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