Sons of Zharr-Naggrund: Chaos Dwarves- Army on Parade

Or- Can I Make Money Out of my Hobby?

My first fantasy army was Dwarves. I think it was slayers- they really captured my imagination and made me want a fantasy army. I worked a whole summer, cutting hedges, washing cars and finally I had a whole bunch of Slayers. That army fell by the wayside a long time ago, but the love for all things Dwarf has stayed with me.

So- you might be expecting a bunch of pictures, maybe even some fluff- but this article serves as a health warning. In this post I will be showing off some of my Chaos Dwarf army. This army cost £500 from Forge World… Am I rich? No. I work as a part time Learning Advisor at a local college. I earn pittance- how did I get it you ask? Well my girlfriend proposed a little project; she asked me if I thought I could make money out of my hobby. I said yes. She put up a loan and work on the project began.

In the back of my mind I knew I wanted my own Chaos Dwarf army, but I didn’t think that would have an effect on me. I was in it for the cash. Buy the army, make the army, sell the army and reap a big fat profit. So, here’s the army:

I still own the army. I’m ashamed to say that I fell in love with them. I couldn’t justify selling it after all the effort and love poured into the little bastards. I hate them in a way; I had to pay my girlfriend back on a monthly basis, but now they’re mine. I hate them, because I look at them and see a five hundred pound price tag for a collection of resin model men. This is also the reason why I love them.

They are still a WIP, the bases are not yet finished and the un-pictured artillery pieces need some work – there are also more units of infantry.  I will be putting more photos up of the entire army in the coming days and weeks. So, if you’re like me and love an angry man in a beard and silly hat- stay tuned in.

Take this as a warning- unless you have a heart and will of iron, you can’t buy your dream army and sell it on…

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