Smoothing out the curves and cutting the corners

What is it about science fiction and cutting corners?

toilet paper on bsg


Toilet paper aboard the Battlestar Galactica

I’m a huge fan of the Horus Heresy range. I would own it all given the disposable income and own quite an army despite a lack of disposable income. The latest releases have been niggling at me. I mean look at these:





There’s something not quite right about the lines. Look at the Thunderhawk, the Land Raider, the Rhino and the Stormraven; they’re essentially boxes with tracks/ wings. I’ve heard it said that a Stormraven flies by punching physics out of the way; however, I’m not a scientists so couldn’t postulate on that hypothesis.

The new releases are curved- they’re doing away with angular corners and how do I feel about the result? Well, it’s a mixed reaction. Look at the pedigree of the Landspeeder for example:




The new Forgeworld incarnation is nice. It’s a vast improvement on the first one- the poor pilot and gunner have nothing protecting them from getting a face full of las/plas/bolt action; but the old versions fit with the boxy Space Marine aesthetic. I think that’s my issue, these models are great, but they’re a step away from what we’ve known. The curves might be the product of more sophisticated model design process or inspired by a specific designers take on the Space Marines of the 30000 millennium but to me they look like Marine-Tau hybrids.

The new speeder and the Tetra have a very similar feel. Where is the marine tendency to bellow into the wind resistance, thrusting it aside with your unrestrained piety and fanatical zeal? These may be marines but not as I’ve known them. Saying that I’ll still probably get some speeders…