Showcase: Perturabo Primarch of the Iron Warriors

So this has been a massive labour of love for both me and Jason, we both have a real soft spot for Perturabo and the Iron Warriors in general, but neither of us can afford to start another army.

I converted this up from a whole host of parts, including bits from 3 Primarchs – it’s arguably the biggest undertaking of my modelling career, and certainly the biggest investment is self sculpting. After what seemed like an eternity of assembly, parts hunting and sculpting I passed the model across to Jason who I think you’ll agree has done an amazing job of painting it.

Ultimately because neither of us have an Iron Warriors army, and don’t intend to start any time soon, we’ve decided to sell him rather than see him languish on a shelf for his life. If you’re interested he’s available on ebay, we would much rather see him go to a good home and get used! Get him on Ebay!





















Get him on Ebay!


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