Showcase: Fulgrim

Another stunning Primarch by Jason, this time Fulgrim!

Check out his ebay auction here: Fulgrim

fulgrim-front-helm-white fulgrim-script fulgrim-front-black fulgrim-front-bare fulgrim-face-left fulgrim-face-side fulgrim-cover-bare fulgrim-color

  • Jason Lucsy

    I’m a huge fan of converting all of my Blood Angels characters. I would love to know what wings Jason used on this helmet. I have made custom versions of the old pewter charters in plastic. Very nice work sir! Well done.

  • PaintWaterDiaries

    Hi Jason,
    These wings come from the high elf griffon rider that comes with the Warhammer starter set.


  • Duncan Kelly

    Hi there, I know it has been a while since this was posted up, but I was wondering what the helmet piece is from? I know the wings come from the High Elf Griffon but the source of the helmet eludes me.

    • PaintWaterDiaries

      Hey sorry for the delay! It’s from Maxmini