Rumours: More New Chaos Daemons From White Dwarf

More pictures of the new chaos daemons are surfacing. Have to say they’re growing on me as I see more and more of them. Still not a big fan of the Slaanesh Herald, but the ones from other Gods all look good! The chariots though… the bloodletter one… urgh… what is going on there?

Slaanesh Herald

Slaanesh Chaos Daemons

Spread showing the new Daemons

Those Nurgle flyers are much bigger than I expected!
New Chaos Daemons

Nurgle & Tzeentch Spread

Not sure about that giant flamer…
New Chaos Daemons

Giant Nurgle Fly Daemons

These really aren’t as bad as the first pictures suggested… Tzeentch Herald is definitely on my want list.
New Chaos Daemons

Nurgle Daemon Herald



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