RUMOURS: Leaked Daemon Pictures from White Dwarf

As the new Daemon models near release, more models are starting to surface (still nothing from the GW website). I am so glad to see not all the ‘Bloat Flies’ have those weird trunks! All in all I have mixed feelings about this release. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the Tzeentch chariot/herald if only for conversion fodder. I quite like the Nurgle & Khornate heralds, but the Slaanesh one… not a fan.

You can read out tongue in cheek look at the new models for more thoughts.

The New White Dwarf Cover


The New Daemons Codex Cover


Internal Nurgle Pages


Internal White Dwarf Daemon Spread


Tzeentch Mega-Flamer Daemon Chariot



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