Rogal Dorn Imperial Fist Primarch Conversion

It’s a new year and as ever our resolution is to be more active on Paint water, we’ll see how that goes. But we’re starting with a bang.

Rogal Dorn Conversion

Myself and Jason were approached to create a Rogal Dorn from scratch and although dubious at first, this turned into a real passion project and something we’re both really proud of! Especially as I am in the midst of building an imperial fist army. 

The conversion is built primarily from Robute Guilliman and Ferrus, the former donating his body, the latter his arms and head. Then add on a whole host of converted or scratch built and sculpted bits and this is what you end up with!

As ever we’re open to more commissions, and we have a few more primarch reworks coming down the pipe! Watch this space.

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