PICS & STUFF: Warhammer World Opening.

PWD are visiting the Warhammer World grand re-opening – we’ll be posting pics and updates as they happen! Well probably slightly after, we’re not BBC news after all. Be realistic.

Thousand Sons & Wolves

tsons swolf

Chaos Knight Titan & ‘Lord of Legs’

chaos1 chaos2 chaos3

Mechanicus & Knight Design Sketches:

Eldar & Tyranids:

Epic display featuring the new Warlord Titan:

Brilliant Guard Display:

Some terrific Nurgle figures:

w1 w2 w3

More round bases on Warhammer figures:

Dwarves vs Skaven

Some snaps from the Warhammer displays. Looks like the 9th ed rumors have some truth – notice the round bases.

First up we have Rowboat Girlyman & Sigismund:

sigismund rowboat