Painting Oath: September – Inquisitor 28 & Perturabo?!

This month’s painting oath with only two models completed, has been the least productive for a few reasons. However this has been with good reason I think; I’ve been in Australia for 2 weeks (jet lag sucks) and secondly I’ve been working on a super top secret project for our commission & paint to sell venture – you’ve probably guessed what it is from the title, but I won’t mention it here to keep up the pretence of suspense…

Inquisitor 28mm

These are two models that made an appearance in Robin’s I28 campaign. My Interrogator Josef Tenenbaum, who turned out to be more than a little naughty, and his right-hand man Vikram Ibrahim ex-guard vet that has ‘seen some things’.


Perturabo Conversion

So what has really been eating up my time is this beast. He’s taken I-don’t-know-how-many hours to complete, but short of a little liquid green stuff and final touches he’s now ready to pass on to Jason who’ll be doing the painting before he goes to the highest bidder. I’ve always wanted to make a Perturabo, but I’d never use him – so I’d rather someone really gets the benefit of my hours of work.

perturabo-main perturabo1 perturabo6 perturabo5 perturabo4 perturabo3 perturabo2


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