Painting Oath: October – More Inquisitor 28

Yet another month, and another completed oath. That makes 10/12 – two more and I’ve completed a full year of painting a ‘unit’ a month.

For those of you who are only just discovering this series, I promised myself as of new year that I would paint one unit a month; a unit being a fantasy regiment or monster, 40k squad or vehicle or other ‘character’.

Admittedly this has varied from multiple fantasy regiments, to the last two months which have been a little lean – but that being said a lot of personal stuff is sorted and I’ve got the remaining units of my 1.5k of Heresy Era Imperial Fists ready to air brush – next month should be back to the height of production with a squad or two to show off.

Inquisitor 28 Operatives

This month I completed 2 more operatives for Tenenbaum‘s team, which featured in Robin’s I28 campaign. We’ve been talking about doing the next chronicle that picks up where the last left off, which will see Tenenbaum hunt down Frayne.

Pictured below are Nolan Clarke and Sanctus. Nolan is a grizzled ex-guard quartermaster, responsible for the outfitting and maintenance of all the teams weaponry.
Sanctus… well… he’s a hulking, silent brute covered in esoteric geometric symbols, who seems resistant to the warping effect of chaos and psychic manipulation.


Sadly the Dullcoate flattened out Nolan’s skin a great deal, I intend to go back and give it another highlight when I am able, but as he’s a relatively small part, we’ll see if I ever get around to it…


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