Painting Oath: November – More Inquisitor 28 – Muties!

11 months out of 12, and only one more to go! I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Those who don’t know at the start of this year, I set myself the challenge of finishing a unit a month. I’ve done it so far… granted some of the months have only been I28 characters, but some months I’ve stormed it and painted multiples, so all in all I’ve painted well over 12 units already. Plus if things go to plan my Imperial Fists will see at least one more squad before the year is out!

Onto this months completed dudes:

The Shambles Free-men

During the Mutant uprising of Augustine city, the Free-men escaped their hovels in ‘The Shambles’ and went on the run, holing up amongst the slag deposits on the city outskirts.


A sneaky and reprehensible villain, often running street scams, rigged gambling games and pickpocket operations during his off-shifts; conning overseers and supervisors out of their ration stamps.

It was during one such operation he was badly beaten by a disgruntled ‘player’ and lost the use of one of his legs. However using his amassed favours and stockpile of ration stamps he was able to source an albeit clunky replacement bionic leg. This is allowed him to regain his mobility, however the whirrs, clunks a constant ticking make him much less discreet than before.



Large and lumbering, Lynch was a workhorse for the mining guilds, hauling slag between processing units.


Uses an antique and often repaired solid shot rifle that has been in his kin-clan for generations. Before the uprising he was a keen hunter, supplementing his food rations with sump-rats and rad-gulls.


Gifted with tech, worked within rad-heavy reactors and machinery. During the uprising he cobbled together a rudimentary plasma-fusil from spare reactor parts.


By day a mild mannered Web Designer from Swindon, by night a horder and shaper of bits in his mad kit bash laboratory.

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