Painting Oath: May – Hordes of Undeath

Another month, another oath complete.

This one was the hardest yet, and really was a photo finish. I but the last few strokes on the models just hours before June. Phew.

Honestly I sort of expected to have failed before now, but alas 5 months have passed and I’ve painted at least a unit a month. In reality I’ve actually painted 14 units or characters now, and my Vampire Counts are approximately 60% painted. Not too shabby.

So what did I paint this month? Well the internet, let me show you.

More Skeleton Warriors

You may have noticed my Undead army is predominately skeletons, and well you’d be correct. My intent was to create an ‘all skeleton’ Necromancer-led force that harks back to the old days when the warhammer army was called ‘Undead’ and not ‘Vampire Counts’. Alas, the army really needs vampires to be competitive and so one has crept his way in, albeit a Necrach themed one so I can at least stay pretty close to my vision.

A Necromancer


Wight King Battle Standard


So there we have it, what for next month? Well I don’t know, I think some 40/30k is in order to break all the Undead up a bit. My Iron Hands have lingered un-loved by a brush in some time…

Oh before you go – I have a group photo for you – this is around 2/3rds of my painted skeletons:


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