Painting Oath: March – Mortis Engine

Hello The Internet, and welcome once again to the third part of my new years resolution inspired painting challenge. You may already have seen the two previous months updates where I try to overcome my problems starting painting and maintaining momentum. If you missed them you can catch up with them here:

  1. January: Chaos Warriors
  2. February: Undead & Wordbearers

For those who haven’t seen this feature before essentially I have promised to paint at least one unit per month for the rest of the year. So far so good. This month, a little less productive in terms on finished models, but it was my Birthday, and I started a Knight titan…

ANYWAY you might ask what did I finish this month? Well let me tell you internetling!

Vampire Counts Mortis Engine

Mortis Engine

This model is a pain in the ass. There is no getting around it. Sure, it looks nice but man was it a ball ache to paint. There are just so many different elements, ghosts, wood, books, cloth, fire… yadda yadda. Lots of stuff lots to paint. Top all that off with a spray paint mishap akin to James’ problem with his deathguard and this took most of my time.


Keen to keep my 1+ average I smashed out a quick unit:


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