Painting Oath: June – Imperial Fists & Inquisitor 28

It’s been another month, and I’ve managed to hit my target again and get another unit painted. This article will be shorter than normal because I’ve already shown off these on the blog as they happened. But there is another member of the Cognitae band to see 🙂

Imperial Fists

Just as I vowed to not start any more armies, I promptly started another army! I clearly have issues.

I thought hey, I’ll just make a small, themed force to tie in with Dave’s Siege of Terra themed blood angels… but raiding my bits box and reading the fluff I now have 2.5k worth of models bought, assembled or planned…

If you’re interested in how I painted them, I wrote up a guide here.

Inquisitor 28 Cognitae

I’ve already shown these off on the blog earlier, but I now have a new guy to show you: Olm Lockheed – Renegade Tech Priest
Aaaaand a group shot:


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