Painting Oath: July – Iron Hands HURRAH!

This month I have only been able to finish 1 squad to completion, still enough to complete my oath, but sadly not up to par with my progress thus far. I have a second unit of Black Knights which are some 60-70% complete, but alas I wasn’t able to finish it before the start of August.

It had been some time since my Iron Hands have had any love in the painting department, and I chose to rectify that this month! This is the first of the new FW squads I’ve painted and I just love the clunky modified Mark III armour they have!

Iron-hands-1IH2These guys use my normal recipe for painting Iron Hands (You can read how to paint Iron Hands here), but with a slight twist now I have an airbrush to play with. Rather than the drybrush of Charadon Granite I instead spray a zenith highlight of Vallejo German Grey.

As for next month, I of course have the Black Knights partially complete which gives me a decent head start. But I also have another 10 Iron Hands and a small gaggle of Inquisitor 28 characters that are itching to get painted… oh and my Imperial Fists! Damn you hobby magpie!



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