Painting Oath: January Chaos Warriors

Normally I am not one for making new year resolutions, but I broke with habit and made a few this year. I’ve posted here before about how I struggle to get started painting armies and units – often I take ages to start, hit a good rhythm and then something gets in the way, stopping me painting for months.

In comes one of my resolutions; paint my stuff. Simple as that. Ok I put some restrictions on it, I’m a believer that if you don’t quantify your goals you won’t reach them. Here it is:

**Paint at least one unit a month.**

Let me clarify a unit is either a squad, regiment, character or large monster. My aim is to paint more than one, however if I paint one I will have achieved my goal. If all goes to plan I will have painted at least 12 units by this time next year, which should mean I have at least one fully painted army.

What have I got to paint:

  • Iron Hands (approx 2500 painted, ~3000 points to go)
  • Word Bearers (One squad painted, ~50% base coated)
  • Chaos Warriors
  • Undead
  • Chaos Militia
  • Mechanicus
  • Skaven
  • Assorted other bits (Inquisitor models etc etc)

There is the challenge ladies and gentlemen, I challenge you all to do the same and share it with us here so you can be named and shamed should you fail or conversely revel in the glory of success and painted armies.


Ok so money where my mouth is, what did I paint this month?

I thought to kick everything off with an army that up to this point had only had conversion work done – no painting.

So I present, first my chaos warriors. Built primarily from the metal chaos chosen models. I’ve posted some of the fluff up before as a rough premiss, imagine if a tribe of chaos warriors ran a ground in a small cove riddled with caves. These caves were home to lovcraftian monsters and a malign tzeentch influence.






And secondly one of said lovcraftian monsters, my Mutilith. I tried here to get it to look like it spent all it’s life in caves and as such took influence from various gross blind animals that live in caves. Another fun addition to my internet search history.





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