Painting Oath: February – Undead & Wordbearers

Greetings Internet, it is a new month and that means it is time for me to update with how I did with my painting oaths.

For those of you who missed the first instalment, I promised myself that this year I’d really make a dent in painting my collection. Regular followers will know I struggle with starting to paint but then I need to maintain momentum or I’ll go for ages with out painting (look at my Iron Hands – 2500+ points painted and then momentum dried up). Needless to say this had happened towards the end of last year, and my unpainted models far, far outweighed my painted. Cue 2014 and a promise to paint at least one unit a month.

So far, this has proven quite successful, not only have I now painted 4 units in two months, I’ve also felt energised with the hobby in general and found I’m building, tweeking and ultimately enjoying the hobby more since I’ve started this ‘oath’. I encourage any fellow hobbyist to try the same, it’s quite achievable even with a busy schedule – the key is small incrimental steps. If everything goes to plan, and follows this pace I’ll have 3 painted armies by the end of the year. Something which I’ve not had since I was a kid.

February’s Accomplishments

Last month I painted a converted regiment of Chaos Warriors and an accompanying Mutalith. This month, I’ve jumped around a bit, changing armies to keep my interest piqued. First up we have an addition to my Word Bearer army:

Word Bearers

Word Bearer Chaos Marines

Word Bearers

You can read my Word Bearer painting guide for more info on how these were done.

Skeleton Regiment & Converted Vampire

Vampire Counts Skeletons

Skeleton Regiment With Vampire

36 Skeletons and a converted vampire. The Vampire is converted from a Urien Rakarth and modelled on Harry the Hammer’s base, hopefully to give the impression he’s raising hordes of Skeletons around him.
A better look at the unit filler

The Vampire

Vampire and unit filler
Here you can see the unit filler in a bit more detail, this accounts for 5 additional skeletons in the unit, something which is pretty handy in an army that relies on summoning more and more skeletons! Below you can see the Vampire on a regular base, I built him with a pin protruding from his feet, this allows me to swap out the unit filler should he join a different regiment or run solo.
Vampire on single base

Aaaannnnd for next month?

I don’t know is the answer to that. Probably some more skeletons, perhaps some knights for my Chaos Warriors or maybe the Possessed from my Word Bearers. All that being said, I’ve been bitten by the I28 bug again and I’ve picked up some of hte Avatars of War Corruptors, so they may make an appearance.

Until next month hobby-faces, I encourage you to take the Oath and join me – be sure to share the progress with us on twitter, or bookface, or whatever your social media drug of choice is.


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