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Word Bearers

Word Bearers: The Jump Off Point

So Word Bearers. Now we go back even further than me and the Iron Hands. Before I lopped off my right hand for a glorious metal replacement in 3rd edition, I preached the word...

Iron Hands

Iron Hands: Group Shots

Just a quick one today, an update on the progress of my Iron Hands. I’ve finally decided on the codex load out, and we’re ready to go – 20 marines to paint and then...

Dream Forge Eisenkern Stormtrooper

First Look: Dream Forge Stormtroopers

Two friends and I pledged money into the Dream Forge Games Kickstarter what feels like a lifetime ago. Well, the Storm Trooper miniatures arived this morning and all I can say is ‘Holy-shit-balls! I...