OOP and you: a guide to the many and varied treacheries of eBay

I like to window shop. There’s something that is thrilling about looking at all the shiney things that you’ll never be able to justify buying; however, there just simply aren’t that many shops left that sell wargaming products. It’s the sad state of the retail world that many of the fine gaming establishments that we know and love are going down the pan. Just recently, on a trip to Bristol, my stalwart companion and I were left disappointed by the closure of ‘Cut and Thrust’ gaming- I assume they closed because of their awful name. Happily there is still the wonderful Area 51 for us to browse, but still, it’s a sad state of affairs.

The good old days

This move to an online model of purchasing has even left me with a sad feeling every time I visit my local Games Workshop. I remember the time where if I wanted a miniature I could go in and browse through hundreds of blister packs and it would be there. Now we’re greeted with wave after wave of over enthusiastic ‘BUY THIS STORMRAVEN’.

OK- I admit I’m getting off point, but this is my article so shut your hole- but gone are the days of joyously window shopping through racks of blister packs. It is now a system of ‘get it online or go with out’, which is fine- if you know what you want.

I digress- this was supposed to be a guide to be a guide to avoiding the pitfalls of eBay, and we are coming around to that… Ready? Ebay is the last bastion of the window shopper. I’ve spent DAYS of my life looking at miniatures and scenery or whatever I fancied at that moment, and reader- I’m about to share my wisdom- eBay can be amazing and it can also be a lying whore.

Take this auction as an example:

Ebay Lies!

Ebay Lies!

A little research shows that this ‘very rare’ and OOP lot is readily available from the GW website.

Again- another Dogs of War auction:

More Ebay Lies!

More Ebay Lies!

Eight Marksmen of Miragliano are marked at £24.77 where for a few pounds more you can buy a brand new unit of twelve with free shipping here.

What I am trying to say dear reader- is that although we all enjoy window shopping, from time to time we are enticed to buy. One must be careful not to fall into the trap of paying above the odds for shiny ‘rare’ and ‘OOP’ miniatures which can be bought cheaper and NEW elsewhere.

Happy shopping.


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