Reviewed: Anvil Industry’s Afterlife

Hello reader, Robin here with a review of Afterlife, Anvil Industries new miniature range. I’ve been a fan of Anvil Industry for some years now, and I’ve used their conversion parts in several modelling projects. I’ve spoken directly to Joel from Anvil several times through their Facebook page and have always been very impressed by how swiftly they reply to a query over social media. So when they announced that they were going to be producing a complete miniature range for their own game world through a Kickstarter I became very excited indeed. As soon as the Kickstarter went live I threw in a pledge and the project hit its funding target then smashed it out the park. They set their target for £3,500 but in the end raised more than £12,000 which speaks volumes about the support out there for the project and the company as a whole.

Backing The Kickstarter

So anyway, I paid my money and was pleasantly surprised when pretty much bang on target, my new toys came winging their merry way to me in the post. The miniatures are lovely, crisp moulding and virtually no flash. I went for the ‘Vanguard’ pledge which gave me a full set of each of the two factions miniatures, a booklet with a load of information about the setting and some lovely fluff short stories access to the beta testing phase for the production and a bunch of exclusive miniatures, (these haven’t arrived yet, as they will be coming out at a later point) anyway, have a look at what I got:


So as you can see there are different sized miniatures in the range. Each set has five normal troopers, a sergeant and two specialists as well as some big guys, what Anvil Industries have called ‘Exo-Mechs’. These Exo-Mech’s are really cool, and it’s in these that you can see the big difference in the two factions.

The first faction is the Unity Council:

afterlife-ucThe Unity Council is the big political powerhouse of the Afterlife universe, they have the most money, the most power, the best tech. Think how the world would end up if it was run by a load of corrupt London bankers and property tycoons. They’re the ones who run the show, living in the lap of luxury while the underclasses toil away in squalor, the ruling elite who live (sometimes literally) in their ivory towers. The troops are, I guess like The Evil Empire’s Storm Troopers, professional solders who are just doing their jobs, unaware of the agendas of their corrupt masters.


UC Marines

It was at this point in the article that I was going to show you a piccy of their sergeant too, but unfortunately I got a bit confused about which minis were which, and didn’t take the right solo pictures before I based and sprayed them, doh! Anyway, in the group pic you can see the Sargent kneeling down giving a hand signal and their Medic is the guy with his pistol out. Once I have them painted, I’ll share some more pictures with you lovely people, so you can see them in better detail.

The UC Marines have a really nice high-tech feel, Anvil have beautifully captured the ‘Future soldier’ aesthetic which is so much part of the Afterlife setting.

Speaking of high-tech future soldiers:

Unity Council

Meet the Unity Council ‘Ajax’ Exo-Mechs. These guys are awesome, I want one for real-reals! The idea of the Exo-Mechs, from what I have been able to gather from the fluff booklet that came with my pledge is that in an urban warfare environment, battle tanks are becoming obsolete, so the military have come up with piloted combat armour which turns a soldier into a walking mini tank. The models come with the options of a Smart Grenade launcher, an EMP weapon and a Mini gun. Awesome!


So that’s the Unity Council. Next time I’ll be looking at their counterparts, in the Pan-Continental Republic. Until then dear reader, here’s a cheeky picy to keep you going:


If you wanna see more of Anvil Industries stuff, check out their website, you’re gonna have wait to get your grubby mits on the Afterlife bits, as they’ve only just made the first Kickstarter shipments, but the speed that they are working I don’t think it should be too long. Anyway, check em out if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it.

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