New Year, New Design

writersguideWelcome to 2014 — happy new year — and to a new look for Paint Water Diaries. We’ve had a good year, but sometimes we’ve not posted as regularly as we’d like.

That’s something we’re hoping to change this year – more regular posts with none of the weeks without posts that we’ve been guilty of over this year. A year on and with over a hundred articles under our belt we needed a bit of a refresh both cosmetically and to improve loading times and generally make everything a bit easier to work with. So welcome to it – there will be some more minor changes and we’re looking to post more, and with more regularity, avoiding the weeks without posts.

What’s Changed?

Well we’ve tried to make everything easier to read for starters, if you look to the right you should see some buttons so you can easily access our social media. We’ll be sharing stuff on there more regularly – stuff which is interesting but maybe doesn’t warrant a full article. Click through here and then join/follow/whatever us to keep updated – we also announce our articles on there. To the left are a bunch of our categories – this list will be organised a bit better shortly but for now these are the main areas of the site where you can read our older articles.

What’s Next?

ironhandarmy5We’ve touched upon what we’re going to cover in our obligatory New Year Resolutions Post, but we’re aiming to include a lot more articles featuring great hobby work and hopefully more tutorials to follow. Things to watch out for:

With our desire to post more regularly in mind and with a fresh design to work with we are open to suggestions — are there anythings in particular you’d like us to focus on or cover? Answers on a post card — or even better in our Facebook, via email or in our comments section (buttons on the right yo!).


By day a mild mannered Web Designer from Swindon, by night a horder and shaper of bits in his mad kit bash laboratory.

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