The New Space Marine Codex When Viewed With Bionic Eyes

We’ve been a little quiet of late over her at PWD HQ, we’ve had Dave & James both starting new jobs and real life catching up with us all. Then to top it all off the new space marine codex turns up!

I was following the rumours surrounding the release closely, wondering if the Iron Hands would finally have justice done to them rules wise. As more and more rumours serviced, it’s safe to say the community particularly those over at the Bolter and Chainsword became pretty divided.

On one hand there were the stalwarts, the ‘puritans’ who took the article in Index Astartes III: Pt.3 as gospel and viewed any departure from it as sacrilege.

Then there were a few who (and I frequently found myself in this camp) who welcomed the fact the Iron Hands were getting SOME attention, even if it meant some things had to change.

So anyway the codex is here now, for better or for worse – how did the Iron Hands fare?

Iron Hands Clans RenamesWhat changed?

  • Stronos, a chapter master?! Up to this point the Iron Hands had been lead exclusively by a council of the clans as seen in their Novel and the Index Astartes.
  • Clans reshuffled, the symbols for the clans have been shifted about.
  • Iron Hands get ‘Feel No Pain’
  • Vehicles and Characters get ‘It Will Not Die’

The Good

As I mentioned above I found myself sitting with the ‘any attention is good attention’ camp. So the fact we’re getting anything for me at least is a good thing.

Feel No Pain with It Will Not Die on character means our characters will be tanks! Able to shrug off wounds that would kill even marines.

It Will Not Die on vehicles also makes our Dreadnoughts that bit more viable, and same with our transports. I can see walking a Techmarine behind a few Dreadnoughts as they advance becoming a viable tactic.

The Bad

Although I like that we’ve not been ignored like the previous codex, there ARE some bad points. The one that really gets my goat? CHAPLAINS.

Iron Hands DONT HAVE CHAPLAINS. Yet in the new codex old Stronos is welcoming some onto the Clan Council?! URGH!

Still no sergeants with Terminator armour in normal squads, or HQ Dreadnoughts like the glory days!

Anything else bad? No not so much, we’re the one founding legion without a special character – thats pretty lame. But here is hoping we get a supplement!

The Indifferent

Stronos as defacto chapter master isn’t ideal, but the codex does go as far as to state he’s voted into overall command for specific campaigns by the clan council. This is something that the Iron Hands community has often theorised anyway, so no biggy.

The clan symbols being shuffled around is a bit of a pain in the ass, I am now collecting clan Raukaan apparently and not Karguul as I had been. Pros and cons with that, I’m not particularly fussed about the name change, I was planning to kill off Bannus as commander when I thought I was playing Karguul. But with Raukaan comes the fluff from Wrath of Iron – a good book, but now I already have all my characters and squads named for me. Ho Hum, the book is set ~200 years in the past, as least that gives me a bit of leeway to play with when building my own fluff.

On the Table Top

What I am really looking forward to is trying out an ‘unkillable’ character – using the Chapter Master stats, the relic with provides a 3++ save and Eternal Warrior – all of which as accompanied with Feel No Pain and It Will Not Die – stay tuned as I showcase the miniature I converted for said purpose in the next few days!


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