The New Codex Inquisition and GW Digital Editions

Ok so lets start this with a caveat, of all the digital editions out so far I have only properly looked at the Codex Inquisition. So I fully appreciate that the other titles MAY be better – I’m willing to give the Iron Hands one out in December a try – despite it seeming like another fluff-rape if the preview is anything to go by (more on this later, or you can see my other Iron Hand related rants here).

Anyway, rewind a week or so to the release of Codex Inquisition. I was excited, this is arguably my favourite faction in all of 40k and with our group’s love of I28 I have no shortage of models that can represent it. Then I downloaded it and I’ve got to say, I’m a little disappointed.

Yeah there are some cool bits, and yeah this will make for some very cool and fluffy forces. It’s just so LAZY.

The whole thing is basically built on copy and paste from either the Sister’s of Battle or Grey Knight Codex to the point the index refers to ‘Codex Adepta Sororitas’. It’s just not worth the £20 they’re asking for it when it was clearly an afternoon’s worth of copy & paste.

This is where I was going to write a full on review, but someone already summed up my feelings over at Front Line Gaming.

Of Digital Editions

I had high hopes for these digital editions but can’t help feeling a little let down. Rather than them being a cool resource that really adds to the game, being of such poor quality they’re actually detracting from it (again here I refer to the Codex Inquisition – please correct me if I am wrong on the other ‘Dexs – comments below) . The upcoming Iron Hand one also seems to be following suit – while the presentation – at least from the preview – seems to be a good quality, the fluff is contradictory even to stuff released this year. But that’s another article in itself and I’ll hold my tongue until I’ve got the actual edition in my (iron)hand…


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