Monthly Roundup: January

Bit of a busy month with Paintwater Diaries this month! Here are a few highlights from the month, our first interview for Kitbash Corner, more on our’On writing’ series, Dave’s rant about the increasing price rises and finally my controversial ‘Orks are dumb, and you’re dumb for liking Orks article. Have at them…

Interview With PDH

Today is the start of a new regular feature, we’ll be profiling some accomplished hobbyists that are pushing the boundaries with character driven models, unique techniques or otherwise particularly striking models. This is our first instalment, I asked PDH, a dakkadakka resident and modeller to share some info.

Writers Guide – Part 2 – Avoiding Cliche

The second half of our on writing series, James explores cliche and how to avoid it. Look out for the next upcoming instalment which focuses on perspective.

Why Orks are dumb, and you’re dumb for liking Orks.

My article on why I don’t get orks. This generated a bit of controversy, perhaps you’d like to weigh in? I want to like orks, but man they’re dumb – although a few people in the comments section helped me dislike them less… a little!

A Lust for Gold. Or, how GW is pricing me out of armies.

“I can remember when a box of multi-part Tactical Marines was about £18, which was awesome considering how much you got in the box. Then they went up to 20-odd….then to 25….then to the heady heights of 28…all without any new content. The current box is still at that level, albeit with a whole heap of new pieces and sculpts. Now, while new stuff is nice, is it worth the increased cost?”


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