MiniWarGaming Responds To Latest GW Policy Change

As some of you may or may not have heard, GW are making a host of changes to their trade agreements in Canada. Which will directly affect both the smaller online store selling hobby supplies as well as the consumer who prefers to get their plastic crack from these independent stores.

Here at PWD we’re not in the online retail space, we’re also fortunate enough that our contributors live in the UK where these rules don’t apply. As such this doesn’t effect us directly, although we feel it goes a long way to show the direction GW are taking in the hobby – especially when you take into account the changes they made in 2003 in the USA.

Below is a video from MiniWarGaming, a Canadian online retailer that sell (sold…) GW products. I found this particularly interesting as they discuss the way GW sell to their independent retailers, particularly with regards to what they call their ‘direct’ items. These are typically lower volume sales – heros, champions and the like.It seems GW is doing everything they can to stop online retailers being able to sell these key products.

Now this is something that really grinds my gears with GW, these ‘direct’ models are effectively only available from them because of the policy outlined in the video. But these are the exact same products I want to be able to just pop into my local GW store and pick up (and traditionally always could!). So I head into town with the intent to drop £20+ on a character or two – maybe I am planning a conversion. Of course I find that they don’t have one in stock – but oh good! I can order on online. Totally worth my trip into town.

GW preach on one hand about how the stores are the life blood of the hobby, how they facilitate players meeting, gaming, exchanging ideas etc. but then they make my journey into the store completely pointless!

tl:dr: GW changes trade policy, alienates customers in Canada. We’re showing solidarity with our commonwealth brethren. Watch the Video.


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