Meet the Team: Martin Wright

Greetings Internet. This is my ‘meet the team’ post, I’ve been planning to get this up for ages, and putting it off the whole time. Alas now the two other main contributors have pulled their fingers out and it would just make me look bad if I didn’t get this done and dusted.

Who am I?

So… Hi. I am Martin, purveyor of websites and general design goodness. I work for a software house as a designer three days of the week and freelance in the remaining two.

This website is an extension of that, I figured I’m spending the majority of my time achieving various goals for clients, can I turn my hand to doing it for something I’m personally invested in? This coupled with James’ desire to write more we hatched the idea for Paint Water Diaries. And ‘lo here we are.

Finding The Hobby

So how did I get into the hobby? Since I was a kid I’ve been a massive geek, always into sci-fi from my first mind-blowing ‘OMG those cars are ROBOTS’ moment watching Transformers as a kid. Alongside this I was always interested in making and building things (Robots of course).

I remember on a family holiday in deepest darkest Devon, we happened to wander through a car-boot sale. Naturally to my ten year old mind this wasn’t the most exciting of escapades, but then I happened across these little robot men. They were black with red crosses on their shoulders, and carried god-damn chainsaws like swords! What 10 year old, robot loving child wouldn’t be dragged in?

So I implored my parents to buy these little plastic joy-robots, I had never seen before, only to be told ‘Nope, you don’t want these. There is a shop in town at home that sells these, we’ll get you a set of your own and you can paint them whatever colour you like’ by my father. There we go, two boxes ticked… an appeal to my love of robots and making stuff.

Fast forward to me getting my first set of what I had learned were Space Marines (the old plastic ones, that were composed of a one part body & head with separate legs and arms). Happily I slathered them in enamel paint acquired from an un-opened Airfix Christmas gift.

These models weren’t going to win any Golden Daemons, they were all black with red eyes, but man I was hooked. (Wait a minute… Ironhands…).

For years all I was interested in was the painting and modelling side of the Hobby, it wasn’t until I started to go along to the gaming nights at the local GamesWorkshop store after school that I ever played. While I now play weekly, the modelling and background aspects of the hobby is what drives me. I’d rather have a super pimp conversion or theme than a competitive army.

Fast forward again to the present. Past a few years of living in a crappy flat full of miniatures with James, and here we are – all grown up. Wednesday night is Man-Night, where myself and a group of friends made through the hobby get together to make childish jokes and play war-games.

So thats me, and to an extent that’s also PWD. It’s an extension of the Warbasterds, with less inappropriate puns and a prettier face.

PaintWaterDiaries is still growing, and still changing. We’re looking to create something that works and that people genuinely want to read – so if there is anything you’d like to see, stick it in the box below (…that’s what she said).

– ok maybe some inappropriate puns.



By day a mild mannered Web Designer from Swindon, by night a horder and shaper of bits in his mad kit bash laboratory.

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