Meet the Team: James Burton

So – we have broken the twenty article mark. This pleases me greatly and I thought I would take a few minutes out of my busy work day to tell you a little bit about me.

I grew up on Games Workshop. From the moment my dad came home with a box full of old miniatures and a polystyrene ‘Mighty Fortress’ I was hooked. I was too little to play with miniatures really. I can vividly remember locking my skeletons in a drawer to stop them killing me in my sleep, but that didn’t stop me falling in love with the hobby. We’ve had our ups and downs and I don’t want to dress my addiction to plastic, metal and resin models up as anything too flowery, but GW has always been there.

The hobby has always been something that I’ve not hidden. I don’t hide it from my colleagues, friends or significant other. It is part of me. Now ask my girlfriend which part and she’d probably call it a cancerous tumour that needs excising- but she tries to get it.


One of the many photos showing me neglecting my wonderful girlfriend in favour of models

I want to make this post more than about the models. I guess I want to make it about me. So, I left school at sixteen, went to college and studied A levels, went to university to study history, dropped out, managed a Laser Quest for four years, went back to university to study English, started teaching English at secondary school, hated it, got a job in a local library as a shelf monkey, loved it and now I work in a college library. That’s me in a nutshell. I try to write creatively whenever I can, but I don’t kid myself into thinking I am any good. Really, I exist in a world where Wednesday evenings are a fulcrum.



Man night.

Man night means many things to many people. For us it’s the chance to play some war-games, eat some pizza, maybe even have a few beers. It’s a chance for six men who have known each other for years to forget children and wives for an evening and celebrate who they are- fucking geeks.

I can’t really compete with Dave’s introduction- he’s more interesting than I am. My armies you will see over the coming months. I collect Nurgle Daemons, Armoured Imperial Guard, Deathwing, Pre heresy Death Guard, Dogs of War, Chaos Dwarves, Forest Goblins and a number of other things. I think what attracts me to the armies I pick is their rarity, their intrinsic monetary value. I’m a poor man, I earn a child’s salary- but my model collection rivals that of a demi-god’s.


‘Martin and I being young whippersnappers’


If I look at our group of gamers, their talents are clear. Martin is lord of the bits, with an eye to bashing together some of the best conversions and concepts I have ever seen. Dave is a lore master, no army is created without an intricate, detailed and often bloody back story. Jason is a speed painting idiot-savant. The man can paint an entire army to an awesome standard in no time at all. Duncan and Robin are bloody brilliant painters and modellers. That leaves me- what do I provide? Well I guess I’ll try to show you in the coming months. I like to think I provide enough base humour to keep my friends happy and defuse some of the more intense gaming moments and that’s enough for me.

Thanks for reading. I will work on showing off some of my other models- leave a comment requesting what you would like to see next and I will dance to your strings oh Puppetmaster! I leave you with a shot of me reading on of my most and least favourite GW books.


I see no reason why a Space Marine scout shouldn’t be able to pilot a titan – said no person ever.