Meet the Team: Steve

Hello Wonderful World of Toy Soldier followers. I’m Steve and I have no self control whatsoever when iit comes to buying plastic and resin….


So who am I? By day I look after various computer systems for a big American Corp. By night I tend to try and do anything but that… However mine free time is generally torn by what time of year it is.

See I really don’t believe that I am the only hobby hobbit that has a seasonal affair with Wargaming and its affiliated joys. You see when the Sun is out and shining (or at the least the waters are warm) I like to indulge in so many other activities outside, mountain biking, wakeboarding, rock climbing etc.. This combined with my gym going adoration has a pretty drastic impact on my free time and as such leaves me very little time to sit down and do any painting and play any games..

So where does this leave me? Well sadly it means I don’t get the chance to meet up and hang out with my Warbasterd friends as much as I would like and I almost end up forcing myself into missing out on a number of the awesome goings on as I can be considerably flakey.

I do however get the chance to catch up on all the PWD joy and GW rumours of what I will spend my hard earnt doubloons on. Which is probably why I have a room full of hobby stuff sitting in boxes and calling me to buy them more friends.

I’m not particularly new to the hobby and like most it started out with a visit to a local hobby shop (some 20 years ago) with my Dad. I remember seeing all the arrayed plastic bags of metal men and eavy metal pictures on the front. After scanning through what must have been every single one I decided on a Blood Angel Terminator. I remember my Dad and I getting back home and sitting down and painting this very first mini with a very much rushed ambition of greatness. It clearly resemble a small red paint pot but my god I was pleased with myself.

I would say my hobby went on like this for a few years, until I turned about 14 at which point I met my fellow warbasterds Robin and Duncan…… I would say that this changed the way I looked at hobby forever. Then chronologically introduce Jason, James and Dave these are not so much painted blobs anymore but a guided (and misguided) view on how to do all things.

Fast forward a goodly few years and I would say I have had a number of armies collected and then gone through two spats of hobby voidspace (Including selling everything off twice). I now have amassed around 6k of space marines, 3k of Tyranids, Jason knows how many High Elves and a sickly number of forgeworld kits.

As I have been pretty lax of late (read forever), I have decided to set myself little goals and get as much painted as I can but it much smaller batches. Which so far has worked pretty well and I should actually have my first squad of marines painted by this weekend, which will be the first time in about 10 years 🙂

So thats me in a nutshell. An on/off gamer but a 100% fanboy of GW and everything closely related.