Meet the Team: Robin.

Hi, my name is Robin, known variously across the interwebz as Macloren, Maclauren, Socio Von Boneyface, Socio, SVB, the list goes on, but I digress, and for the purposes of my inane ramblings here on Paint Water Diaries, I’ll keep is simple an use my human name!


I play Marines, Guard (fuck Astra Milawatever) & Tau in 40k, Iron Warriors in 30k and Dwarves & Warriors of Chaos in Fantasy, all of which I have mixed success with I don’t play competitively, I play for fun, so I spend a lot of time fluffing out my armies, and very little time writing army lists. I hate writing army lists. Like most of the guys, I ignore a lot of the internet wisdom as to what I should take in my armies to win and go with what I like the look of, or what I think my army should have. For example, I’ve only just started fielding battle suits in my Tau army, and only because I picked up the Firebase support cadre due to it being a total bargain.

Previously my Tau force was based on a Cadre Fireblade and his rank and file Firewarriors with hammerhead support. My army is still lead by my wily Fireblade, but now I sometimes include what has become known as ‘The Disco-missile dance-party!’ (that’s my missile armed Broadside s FYI). I do love the big games, and it’s what me and the rest of the Warbastards spend most of our gaming time doing, but my heart really does belong to the smaller games, and some of my most favoured moments are tied to games like Necromunda, Mordheim, Bloodbowl, Inquisitor 28 and even Gorka’morka. I’m sure the rest of the guys will agree that I am the king of the small scale skirmish, my ‘Badland Facesmashaz’ won our Bloodbowl league, my Reiklander warband ‘The Whitecross Mercinaries’ dominated our Mordheim campaign and my Van-Saar gang ‘The Blackhill Mine-dogs’ suffered only one defeat in our Necromunda campaign and that was rather embarrassingly inflicted on myself! Stupid backfiring Bolt Pistol!

I’ve been a dedicated hobbyist for a long time now, I had a think about when I got into the hobby, and by my reckoning it was when I was eleven, so at the time of writing this that’s 23 years in the hobby. Shit-the-bed, that’s a long time! I actually work with people who weren’t born when I started my journey into the world of Fantasy/sci-fi table top war-games. Am I getting old? Let me check, sensible real-life job, wife, two kids, cat, house, mortgage… fuck, I am getting old. But that’s cool too, because my Nephew has started getting interested in the hobby and so I make sure that he can come over and we have some hangout time to geek it up and I’m sure my kids won’t mind having dad who likes toys more than they do.

One of the things about putting together my piece for the ‘Meet the Team’ series is that it’s got me thinking about where I fit into the dynamic, what is it that I bring to the group, we have a lot covered, with the very talented writing of James & Dave, the mad converting skills of Martin and the towering painting talent of Jason and Dunk. I write to a good standard, my painting and converting talent are both pretty good, I can make scenery too when I put my mind to it, so I guess that makes me a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades, but one of the things about a group like the Warbastards is that having talented people around you makes you want to better yourself, so we do a lot of pooling of advice etc, and as a result everyone improves.

In this way, the hobby has done me a lot of favours over the years, I have Dyslexia, and as a kid I had a nightmare with Maths and English, as a result of my struggling at school, I was pretty withdrawn. Then enter Games Workshop into my life, and suddenly I had something that I was interested in reading about, I had a reason to do maths, it all became relevant to me and with my growing confidence I spent time with other young (and I suppose not-so-young) hobbyists and my lifelong friends came to me though the hobby. I know all the boys on PWD as a result of time spent doing what we all love.

So yeah, that’s me, nice you meet ya.

Robin. xxx

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