Meet The Team: Duncan Cormack

space-duncanPlease allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste……

Alright, I can’t back that statement up. I’m often skint and I find the oriental one out of the sugar babes attractive so my opening gambit was a total lie.

My name is Duncan and I’m a plastic crack addict….
I’ve been meaning to get properly involved in PWD for sometime but to be honest I get distracted by stuff, mainly LIFE tm. That and with the other three guys that have done introductions being far wittier than I its been a bit intimidating trying to come up with something to say about myself that makes me sound as cool as the others.

Well this is me.

Way back in the mists of time, 1989 to be exact my mum left me in a shop in Swindon called ‘Spot On models’ I was 9 and she wanted to be able to shop in Sainsbury around the corner without me hanging around and acting like a mewling quim. I can remember staring at the rack upon rack of lead heroine with sweaty palms and a shortness of breath, I had no idea what I was looking at but I wanted in. When my mother came to pick me up I entered into the highly ritualised negotiations that occur between a small boy and his parent. The wizard that owned the shop came to my rescue however and allowed me to pick a model from the box of bits on the counter to take away…….as with all good addictions the first hit is free.

24 years later and I’m still in the hobby. I like all of the Warbastards have managed to find the perfect balance of hobby/women and social ability, something that few hobbyists seem to be able to juggle successfully. These years have seen me work for GW in a few retail roles and in various stores around the south west, it has also seen me make the best friends that money can buy, namely The Warbastards and I have GW to thank for that.

I’m primarily a painter and modeller before a gamer as its the imagery and models that got me into the hobby and that has keep me going all these years. The guys love to joke about the amount of time I take to paint a model and yes it’s true I probably do spend too much time painting details and such. I’m also a space marine fanboy and self confessed bolterphile. In fact all of my armies bar one have been power armoured, I did have a space wolf army until I realised that the space Vikings were for children and promptly sold it.

My current projects are my very long running and long suffering Brettonnian army and my rapidly growing heresy era World Eaters as well as various pieces of terrain that are still sitting on my shelf.

So I think that’s me…….yeah I reckon so. Hopefully I should be updating on a regular basis or at least

when I have something interesting to say.

Hmmm maybe ‘sporadic’ rather than ‘regular’

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