Meet the Team: Jason

Hi well this is me doing my meet the team post. [Edited lovingly by James]

What none of you will realise is the sheer amount of work that the team will have had to do to bring this to you; including: proof reading, spelling and grammar adjustments just to make this a reasonable read. [He’s right. I’m two sentences in and I’ve made fifteen corrections!]

I’m formally a GW store manager from Swindon and I have had the honour of playing and painting alongside my battle-brother s here at Paint Water Diaries for over fifteen years. My first hobby passion has always been Fantasy, but until we figure out the direction that Fantasy is heading in and how the new incarnation will work, I have been focusing my efforts in to the Horus Heresy and a spot of Infinity.

One of Jason's many conversions

One of Jason’s many conversions

I’m a pretty simple creature that loves to paint. I do a whole shed load of commission-work that you can check out on our page and hope to do a lot more in the form of tutorials and some larger display projects in the near future. I draw my hobby inspiration from the whole team, so let me tell you what I believe each of them do, in their own unique way, to inspire me to hobby glory.

First there is Robin he has been my friend the longest. He has this ability to pose a model and capture a story in a single snap-shot. His work is flawless. No mould-lines or evidence that the model was ever anything less than lifelike in detail [He’s also our token Scot, don’t hold that against him].

Then there is Duncan, he is, in my opinion one of the best single miniature painters I have met. He was the painter I aspired to when I first set out to take my miniatures past tabletop standard and he has taught me so much in my time as his friend [Too much if you ask me – wink wink].

Next is Martin, he has this ability to look at a picture or an image in his mind and know instinctively what parts from what model he will need to make this image; every small detail of movement will be true to life. Martin is often the architect of some of our best commissions. [Check out this Perturabo, no? How about his Mortarion?]

Then we have Dave. Dave is potentially the best writer I have had the pleasure of reading. He can conjure background and stories in moments which have the power to hold a reader. I often find when reading his work that I am so deep in the story, in trying to listen to the sounds and the smells before I catch myself slipping into the reality he is shaping. He is also a top notch painter and above all he has what I would class as a style unique to him [for example, he doesn’t do sponge weathering- the shame].

Next up is James [The man, the legend]; again a talented writer and great editor [as you can tell]. He is our glue and truly one of the most contagious people I know he can control the mood of a room and with one sentence obliterate any tension that is there. He is by far the most driven to have the largest legion and is very lucky to have the perfect wife Kim, who not only supports his hobby but supplies him with near unlimited toys and encourages him to play paint and collect.

Steve what can I say about Steve? Well Steve is the action hero of the group we understand that in the sunny months he will be off doing manly, sporty, & athletic things; but what’s really nice is that when it’s time for the bike to go away and Steve to come back he hits it running and it’s a complete, fresh, almost born-again enthusiasm for his hobby. He re-injects the group with that zeal and excitement. [FLEX]

Finally there is our new boy Paul. Paul is a tremendous all round hobbyist, who does amazing painting across a range of miniatures and has a strong standing in the hobby community due to his videos tutorials and generally being an all-round nice chap. Paul brings new skills and a want to input into the group that is a perfect fit. He is driven be his hobby and I’m ashamed to say I think he produces painted models faster than me *sad face*. He is also going to be adding lots of videos to PWD and is already talking to the group about new and exciting things we can do.

So that’s us. I know the primary focus of this introduction should have been about me, but to be fair these chaps make me who I am and it’s a pleasure to be counted amongst them [and we love you too you big softy].

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