Kraken Kin – Tzeentch meets the monsters of the deep: A Chaos Warrior Army

Fleeing retribution at the hand of wounded Marienburg the Tribe Enriks sailed north through terrible storms, guided by a keening, choral call heard only by the Sorcerer-Kin. This yawning call, at first only heard by those familiar with the winds of magic eventually reached into the dreams of many of the tribe. They were visited by visions of a many armed and eyed god, it’s song both beautiful and horrible to hear calling them North to the Cove of Tusks. Salvation promised the tribe diverted course.

Forced to beach their ships, the Enriks sought shelter in the hollows of the Cove. They huddled round their meagre fires, battered from their battles and listened as rain and winds battered their ships against the rocks of the Cove. The warriors watched as they saw their ships splintered and impaled on rocks set like broken femurs in the ground. Stranded in this desolate cove, with no sign of the salvation that called them, hulking beasts of shell and claw, prehensile limb and beak emerge from the cave, laying claim to the weak and injured.

As the night was darkest, as the fire began to die, from within the cave two shadows emerged. A figure in armour of aged bronze with the bearing of a warrior, clad in a helm formed to shape of a great sea beast. In this hulking figures’ wake slides a hideous beast. Possibly once man but now its heritage indiscernible, its body is hunched and twisted like an ocean full of wreckage. The teeth of this man-thing chatter as its eyeless visage regards what remains of the Enriks, before a hissing voice erupts from within, scratching and cracking like the hulls of ships torn asunder.

“The Leviathan-God is pleased with your offeringssssss. We come to guide you. Mouth and Hand, Will and Voice.”

A sweeping gesture with an emaciated limb, encompassed the bay.

“Ssssseeeee as your shipsssss are made anew.”

Where ships of splintered wood and torn sails once sank, now floated arks of dark metal and iron-wood, bristling with toothed cannon.

“Sssssee the Leviathan has giftsssss, to repay your servicesssss. Follow ussss unto hissss embace, recieve hisss mark and you ssssshall be his Kraken-Kin, heed hissss will and wreak hisss wrath in the world of man.”


The Throne of the Hand


The Throne of the Hand


The Mouth of the Leviathan


The Mouth of the Leviathan

The Hand - Early BluTaced Preview

The Hand – Early BluTaced Preview


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