The Knight Off – Challenge Completed!


It was a warm Saturday morning when the coolest members of the warbarstards assembled at a drive through Costa. That is if you judge coolness on a level from 0 to actually turning up to something they agreed to a year ago (JASON, DUNCAN >.>).

Road trip sweets and drinks were acquired and we headed off on a magical quest to a mystical land of noodle mines, where the elusive sheep was first discovered.

It was the day of the KNIGHTOFF!

Around a year ago, shortly following the somewhat successful ‘Paint 2000k of heresy army or get called a wobbly sausage’ challenge, the warbarstards decided to buy, assemble and paint 5 knights each. We would then take these painted knights and battle on the fields of Firestorm! That is, Firestorm Games in Cardiff… They’re super cool btw, and stock basically everything a hobbyist could want at a big old discount. We’ve got a banner over there on the right, why not give it a click?

The Challenge

So, no points, no real restrictions. Get 5 Imperial Knights, build them, paint them and then play with them, all at once in a mighty clash!

How did we do? Well like many of the previous challenges, we had a mixed bag of success.


Completed the challenge, 5 knights painted:


Completed the challenge, 5 knights painted:



Completed the challenge, 5 Knights painted:


Almost did it, 4 knights 80% completed, 1 without arms (Robin often likes to theme his armies based on them not having arms, and in some cases heads… by that I mean he gets distracted by the hobby magpie before finishing the assembly)


Well… he bought one knight… then didn’t build it. Good job.

The ‘Rules’ such as they are

We use a set of modified rules based on the Triumph and Treachery rule set GW released for Warhammer Fantasy – back when that was a thing.

How does it work? Well pretty easily… These are the rules:

  • Each unit is worth some kill points, for the sake of this game we said each Knight was worth 5 kill points.
  • Each player starts with some kill points in the bank. These can be used to buy or bribe your fellow players.
  • The aim of the game is to have the most kill points.
  • Each player is assigned a ‘card’. Cards are drawn randomly each turn and that is the order you fight in. It means you may have two turns on the bounce, but equally you may have to wait for everyone else to have a go twice!
  • Each phase of your player turn you must declare one other player as your enemy. So you can shoot one player with one unit, then assault another player with a different unit. Or shoot and assault the same player.
  • Optionally you can use some cards like in the original Triumph and Treachery game. These are usually something like ‘You must charge another player’, ‘Reroll successful hits’ and the like. We have created our own 40k version of the original cards – we will share these on the website at some stage. Basically the cards allow you to affect the game even when it’s not your turn – or if you’ve been tabled. In short you get to be a dick and scupper the other players best laid plans… that’s the treachery part!
  • Keep playing and drawing cards until you reach the turn limit, or everyone is dead.
  • This is far from a foolproof system, but when played among friends who’s intention is to have fun and enjoy themselves we’ve found it works really well.

The Forces


Much fun was had. Sadly not everyone who’d planned to attend could, but we still had 25 knights take to the field! We had a lot of fun and attracted quite a bit of attention from the customers.

Special thanks go to Big Rob and the team at Firestorm Games who really made us feel welcome. It’s a fantastic venue, and really can’t recommend it enough.

Our next challenge? Well, we’ll see.