Kit Bash Corner – Where to buy your bits

Greetings weary internet traveller, it has been almost a month since the last ‘Kit Bash Corner’ and ahead of our next feature I am going to look at where you can get bits for your projects.

Gone are the days of yore when you could order the specific component from GW itself, days where I wouldn’t think twice about spending ¬£30+ on parts to create a new Chaos Lord or marine captain. Alas, GW’s bits service is dead, and in it’s wake rose a number of independent providers.

As with all of our recommendations they’re UK focussed – as we’re based in the UK it doesn’t seem fair to review the foreign services.

In no particular order here are the places to go to sate your very specific plastic bits habits:

Bits and Kits

This is probably my current favourite of the stores, and the one I will check first. They include a good stock of bits and a fair number of Forge world Lines too. Good service, regular updates via email newsletters and frequent discount codes.

Sadly the website can be a bit of a pain to navigate, but nothing that is too bad.

Bitz Box

This is arguably the nicest site to use, stock is pretty good and they have a premium membership – which I’ve never tried, so can’t really comment on. They carry a range of 3rd party bits too. What I like most about this site is the clear indication of stock levels, so at a glance you can see if there is stock of an item.

Model Bits

A good solid site, with limited Forge World lines. They carry certain magnets which can be pretty useful!

Let the dice decide 

This site used to be my favourite and whole be my first look. Lately I’ve not used it so much, it seemed they stopped carrying as much stock and didn’t sell forge world lines.

Hoard O Bits (Ebay)

This supplier is based in the US, and is the only one I’ve included in the list for one reason; they have everything. With some of the other sites you’ll have to be patient and act fast to get some of the more popular bits, however this supplier never fails to have the bits I need whenever I need them – I just have to wait for them to cross the Atlantic.

So these are the suppliers I use, do you have any recommendations? Include them below in the comments!


By day a mild mannered Web Designer from Swindon, by night a horder and shaper of bits in his mad kit bash laboratory.