Kit Bash Corner: Mechanicus Edition

Hello Internetters and welcome to the latest kit bash corner, in which this week we shall explore the Mechanicus!


What was to be a counts as Coatez

As some of you may be aware in addition to my Iron Hands I also enjoy a healthy obsession with all things Mechanicus. I was in fact in the process of working on an army when Forge World deigned to do it all better than me, so it’s on hold momentarily while I wait to see what they come up with.

Certainly I’ve been impressed with it thus far, but for now it seems they’re done unless there are some hidden gems in the second Horus Heresy book.

Anyway, you guys are here to see some inspiring Mechanicus dudes right? Get your eye holes round these:

Dave Taylor

Aside from making cool armies such as Bloodpact Dave Taylor has made a pretty sweet Mechanicus army, which can be seen over at his blog (which I can’t recommend highly enough.

Dave Taylor’s Mechanicus Knight

More of Dave’s Mechanicus Army


A member over at Warseer – see his thread here. These are for me at least arguably the best AdMech guys out there and served as the inspiration for my Iron Hands basing.

Mechanius Adept




Another Warseer find – log here.

Mecha Knight type guy

So thats it for this Kit Bash Corner, as ever we always welcome submissions via facebooktwitter or to our email.


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